Money? Pfft. The REAL reason I’m a working mum.

Like many of you, dear readers, I’m a working mother. [Cue applause.]

Although doing actual work is overrated, I rather like heading into the office for a chat. My aim is to distract my surrounding colleagues as much as possible in order to start solid gasbagging sessions as often as possible.

I always win.

What can I say? It’s a talent that’s never accurately captured in my Key Performance Indicators, but was always mentioned in school report cards. Funny that.

Anyway, back to being a working mother. Growing up, I never thought I would be one.

(But then, I also thought I’d have four kids by 24 and name them Taylor Tekawitha, Maddison-Rose, Morgan-Beth, and Regan  – all followed by the surname of my high school crush, of course. I was growing up in Bundaberg though, so that’s my excuse for the latter.)

I digress. I am a working mother for one reason and one reason only.


My handbag.

When I wasn’t working, I was very envious of women trotting around with tiny handbags while I developed moderate scoliosis from lugging Betty’s baby bag around Westfield.

Even though Betty’s two, I still carry her bag with me during all child-outings because I’m a strong believer in being prepared for anything.  In fact, I’m confident we could survive for a week in the desert between the amount of water, snacks, sunscreen, hats, and lip balm in there at any given time.

Furthermore, if there was a Toddlers & Tiaras pageant in the desert, we’d have a good crack at winning thanks to a teasing comb, hair roller, hair ties, bobby pins and approximately 72 lipsticks to be found within.

Remember Mary Poppins’s carpet bag? It’s like that, but with less hat racks and more nappies and wipes.

I yearned for the days when I could once again fling a bag over my shoulder that weighed less than three bricks.

Well, those days are here again – huzzah!

A teeny tiny handbag

For those of you who are wondering: yes, the bag pictured is my small, dainty handbag. It’s practically a clutch compared to the baby bag and – although it contains my terrier-sized purse due to receipt hoarding – there’s not a Huggies product, tube of Curash or box of yoghurt-covered sultanas in sight.

Sweet relief!
Happiness encased in leather!

Moral of the story? Never underestimate the lure of a handbag for a working mother.

Now, why did you return to work? (None of those ‘it makes me a better mother’ of ‘for financial reasons’ excuses, please. I want the TRUTH: drinking hot cups of tea, eating sushi with reckless abandon, or ducking into MYER sans pram.)

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20 thoughts on “Money? Pfft. The REAL reason I’m a working mum.

  1. I love the motivation work gives me to blowdry and straighten my hair (a greasy hair bun like the ladies in the Simply Irresistable video clip was becoming much too familiar while I was on maternity leave!).

  2. Ok you got me, the clothes! The dresses, scarves basically anything not trackies that is clean (no sign of weetbix) is great. I used to complain about the pressure of daily corporate wear but now I love the dressing up. Perhaps I should try ditching the greasy bun too!

  3. I am petrified encountering the scoliosis inducing bag situation when I have children. Seriously. It’s crossed my mind before, but you have just driven it home… I already find my handbag too heavy. The raising kids part, fine. The awkward carrying of things? Notsomuch.

  4. Hilarious Sarah! Just yesterday I was rummaging through my handbag and I wondered if the day will ever come where the nappy sacks, muesli bars and stickers will be replaced with a lipstick, comb and a book! I can only dream of that day…..

  5. I work from home so my motivation to be back in the workforce would be the social interaction, remembering how to speak properly again, being listened to, to have a break- oh the reasons are adding up

  6. I just threw away a handbag, because it had a lollipop horribly stuck the lining! Now that wouldn’t have happened had I been at work! :)

  7. Work is where I get all my home-stuff done. Planning trips, booking appointments, printing out kid’s homework, online banking, catching up on news, writing my blog. I mean Shit! No time to do that stuff at home with kids and dogs and husband and TV to watch. Much better to do it in the peace and quiet of my office.

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