Pram envy: it’s real

Yeah, you know what I’m talking about!

And so do the good folks at Stay At Home Mum, who have featured my latest POW post for your reading pleasure.

Click here to read it and join me on my journey of ‘pramenvyitis’. (I suspect there’s no cure; except to purchase more and more until I find the perfect one.)

How many prams do you own and which has been your fave to-date?

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I want that one, that one, and that one. And that one.

I want that one, that one, and that one. And that one.


6 thoughts on “Pram envy: it’s real

  1. So very true! Although I haven’t achieved the soaring heights of 4 prams for one child, I have had (and discarded) 7 prams spread out over 3 kids. However, I hit pram nirvana earlier this year when I became the lucky recipient of a whizz-bang ultra-flash number given to me by a friend who buys “the best of everything”. Alas, even this one has it’s drawbacks: it weighs a sweat-inducing 11kgs (!!) and it’s all too easy to jam your fingers in the folding mechanism (hours of entertainment for Miss 3 and Mr 5 listening to mama swearing like a drunken sailor and kicking the tyres). I’m waiting for the day when Mr 9 months is old enough so I can make a ceremony of hurling the damn thing off a cliff. :)

  2. We’ve only got two, the big from birth to – hang on what the hell this doesn’t sit straight pram and the super lightweight but pricey stroller which really only gets pulled out the boot at theme parks – the trolley always wins if it’s an option.

  3. I did so much research when the Big Sister was born & wound up with an expensive behemoth monster that wouldn’t fit down checkout aisles. When the Little Sister was a few months old I bought a standard pram off the side of the road for $50. I love it. Ironic huh?!

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