Bedroom-wise and blanket wars

My husband, Mr POW, and I are compatible on most levels, with the exception of his love of Bunnings, using the clothes line, cheap wine, microwaved kabana, and Clint Eastwood films.

Other than the above, he’ll do for a few years yet (well, until Hugh).

But, dear readers, I have a confession: we do not sleep together.

Yes, you read that correctly. We’ve been together for a decade and have a cute kid. But sleeping together just isn’t our bag.

And, to clarify, I’m not talking about the sleeping together that involves rudie-nudie stuff. I’m referring to the act of literally sleeping together – entwined limbs, dead arms, and lying so close as to breathe each other’s putrid morning rat-breath in and out.

No, thank you very much!

You see, Mr POW and I are actually very compatible sleepers: neither of us likes connecting our body parts. No toes touching. No leg throws. No hand-holding. No chest pillows.

Divide and conquer, people! And yes, I like decorative pillows. Don't judge me.

Divide and conquer, people! And yes, I like decorative pillows. Don’t judge me.

Even in our relationship’s early days, our bedtime ritual was a quick hand-squeeze, a kiss goodnight, and then we rolled over to our separate side of the bed until morning light. (I did try nestling in the crook of his arm once but, quite frankly, it was uncomfortable, hot, and I was scared of dribbling on him.)

When we were married, we celebrated by purchasing a king-sized bed with a divider built into the mattress to avoid feeling the other’s night-time rolls and movements…our own personal slumber bubbles, if you may.

It’s so romantic, isn’t it?!

We also work better for no touching because of our blanket wars. He doesn’t understand why I need the available bed linen layers on me (it’s true; even in Summer*), while he has some freakishly high core body temperature that means he NEVER even needs a sheet over him.

* I think this is more of a female thing. Because, you know, if a murderer came in and tried to stab you in bed, the sheet and blanket barrier would totally save your life. Word.

While our somewhat separate sleep habits aren’t for every couple, it certainly works for us. However, no amount of mattress-dividing can aid sleep in times of wall-shaking snoring (thank you, cheap wine), but that’s a whole other topic.

Are you and your partner sleep entanglers, or do you both prefer personal space, too?

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20 thoughts on “Bedroom-wise and blanket wars

  1. We don’t sleep together but that has more to do with kids and their need to sleep with one of us! I hate it and would actually like to have a big enough bed so he could have his own kingsize bed and I could have mine in one room!

    Thanks for linking up with #TUST

    Annaleis – Blogs and PR Team Member

  2. I can SO relate. We have a king size bed and sleep on polar opposite sides and even then I detest his noises etc! Lucky I’m quite deaf in one ear so face that up! When we first met it was nice to have a cuddle but we never slept entwined – I mean who does that? Love this honest post! Emily

  3. Same bed but separate doonas all the way! We are both doona hogs and the nighttime shenanigans of the non passionate kind nearly killed our relationship. Enter separate doonas and I was amazed in the change in us!

  4. LOL – we used to have two single beds pushed together and only recently bought a king size mattress BUT we have two double doonas because I thought I felt the cold but now I see it is to keep the burglar from stabbing me LOL – and he doesn’t !!
    We often go to bed and have a cuddle but most often go to sleep apart – I often will just put my hand on him – his face, top of his head, his arm – whatever is at the end of my hand when I lay it across the top of the bed !!!
    His snoring has driven me insane so he has been to the thoracic surgoen, been for three sleep tests, and we are currently waiting for a mandibular splint to be made for him – he is due to get that the week after next – I. CAN’T. WAIT !!! Finally I may get some peace and quiet at night !! Otherwise the loungeroom is looking good – for him !!
    Have the best day and thanks for a great post to make me feel like I am not alone !
    #FYBF visitor

  5. Yep, we are the same for all the reasons you mentioned and his getting up before the “crack”!
    Pretty gutsy for putting it out there.
    It is actually very nice to know there are many others doing the same and still have very loving, fruitful, successful marriages.
    Becc @ Take Charge Now via #FYBF

  6. I am completely with you on this! We’re both mutually happy to kiss goodnight and roll over to our separate sides of the bed and being a king, we can splay out all we need to be comfy. The only thing we cant agree on is his need to have the fan on IN ANY SEASON and I loathe it so much. That’s a work in progress!

  7. Do whatever works, I say!!! Sleep is such an important thing! Without enough of it, our relationships can’t function so your doing your marriage a big favour!

  8. I am a no touching me at all person- Keep your bony feet away from me!!- He can be a cuddler but has learnt to keep to himself at night lol I have the sheet and he has the doona, I have the fan on and he has cocoons into the doona. Works fine for us lol.

  9. My Partner and I have done the two Donna’s things, as we are BOTH blanket hogs! However, I have to admit I am worse at the other morning I woke up with both my Donna and His donna on me! Not sure how that happened but hey, what can I say?

    In saying that both my partner and I are cuddly people, but I tend to shove my partner to his side of our KING size bed as he sweats BADLY when he sleeps to the point were his pillow, blanket and sheet are soaked threw!! I have to admit I have thought about two single beds and bases and pushing them together!

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